Coffee n' Coke

A journal written by @coffeencoke which includes notes on software development and product design.

SDE Interviewing Resources

General Overview

A lot of the resources I’ve used in the past are included in the Coding Interview University github repo. This repo has a lot to offer for prepping for interviews, or just learning more about technical details of software.

Algorithms & Data Structures

  1. Big-O Cheat Sheet
  2. Wikipedia :)
  3. Binary Trees
    • Watch some youtube videos
  4. Implement them yourself

Deeper Dive

  1. List of data structures
  2. Dictionary of Data Structures & Algorithms
  3. Eternally Confuzzled

General Software Resources

  1. Always Be Coding (ABC)
  2. coding-interview-university
  3. Code standards that matter

Deep Dive

  1. Web developer roadmap
  2. kdn251/interviews
  3. keon/algorithms
  4. Code Academy
  5. Coder Wall
  6. Local coding meetups
  7. Contribute to an opensource project

Practice Problems

In the spirit of Always Be Coding (above), I generally use the TopCoder Practice Problems. You can filter by difficulty and keywords.

Technical Leadership

  1. Effective Technical Leadership

Learning & Growth

  1. Fixed vs. growth mindset


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