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Software Development Methods & Philosophies

This research is incomplete.

Thesis Statement

My goals with this research are to a.) identify and understand the individual and shared properties of each distinct method, philosophy, team, and product type in a software development context; b.) Produce recommendations on which methods and philosophies should be used with each team and product type; c.) Describe any methods and philosophies that work best together; and d.) Describe any methods and philosophies that work against each other.


  1. Description of Entities
    1. Methodologies
      1. Adaptive Software Development
      2. Iterative and incremental development
      3. Behavior driven development
      4. Test driven development
      5. Chaos model
      6. Wheel and spoke model
      7. Waterfall
      8. Dynamic systems development method
      9. Rapid application development method
      10. Feature driven development
    2. Philosophies
    3. Teams
    4. Products
  2. Synthesis
    1. Comparison of methods
    2. Comparison of philosophies
    3. Cross reference of methods and philosophies
    4. Comparison of teams
    5. Comparison of products
    6. Ranked attribution of each combination
  3. Recommendations
    1. By team type
    2. By product type
  4. Complimentary methods and philosophies
  5. Detrimental methods and philosophies

Also relevant:

  1. Capability maturity model integration (cmmi)
  2. MoSCoW method

Description of Entities


More TK.


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